Anonymous asked: Know any good dirty 10/rose fics or awesome blogs who write them?


Oh, do I ever…


A really good reference for older fics (I get the feeling the lists haven’t been updated too recently?) is Bad Wolf Rising. Check out all the ‘reading rooms’ on the right hand side of the page, the themed reading room is my favourite… Check the comments below each list too for additional recommendations. 

You can also search Ao3 and Teaspoon for explicit fics really easily (the links there are one possible iteration)

Also, mariechambers has a great fic rec list.

One of my favourite writers of smut is rointheta : her fics are gorgeous and the plots are amazing, especially if you’re into long, drawn-out sexual tension: check out In the Dark, Questions, Dares, and Deflections, Drawn Together, and Two Weeks especially. She also has some great one-shots. Actually, read all her stories; you won’t regret it. 

I also love love love basically anything by these writers

Specific stories also include: 

If you’re also into Nine/Rose (OMG that relationship in fics is just the BEST) or multi-era, I recommend

If you’re intrigued by RPF, check out everythingby thebadddestwolf (e.g. the list on Ao3)

I’ve definitely missed some of my favourites: I don’t bookmark very well so I’m relying a lot on memory. And some of the best tend to leave me… quite brainless by the end… :-)

I’ve tried to link to Ao3 sites whenever possible because although I read mostly on Teaspoon, I know it can be awkward to leave comments/reviews under your own name for the smuttier of fics. But authors LOVE acknowledgement, even if the story is years old, so take advantage of the anonymous ‘kudos’ feature on Ao3 if you enjoy any of the above fics!

Have fun!

p.s. I’ve tried to find tumblr sites for all of the above authors by I may have missed a few due to screen name changes etc. If there’s anyone I should include a blog link for, let me know!